P18711: MSD Team Assignment Process Improvement

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Our team has little concern with IP related to this project. Our current customer is limited to RIT faculty, however if the deliverables were to be used in other situations there could be a need for contracts or copyright protection.

Team Setup


Madeline Galvin: 5th Year ISE

Lissa Brautigam: 4th Year ISE

Joe Yeiter: 4th Year ISE

Documentation Logistics

Team shares action item lists and notes in a Microsoft OneNote Notebook and the team shares project files in Google Drive prior to upload to EDGE.

Team Values and Norms

Team Values and Norms have been reviewed and modified and can be viewed here Values and Norms

Project Plans & Schedules


Project Plan Phase 1&2

Project Plan Phase 1&2

Project Plan Phase 2&3

Project Plan Phase 2&3


Project Plan MSD II Phase 1

Project Plan MSD II Phase 1

Project Plan MSD II Phase 2

Project Plan MSD II Phase 2

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

The following risks were identified in the Problem Definition Review Phase and updated by the team in following phases.
Risk Management

Risk Management

The total risk score was calculated each phase and is plotted on this chart. Note the increase in score during the third phase due to additional identification of new risks.

Risk Score Over Time

Risk Score Over Time

Other Team Resources

None at this time

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Meetings are documented in the team's OneNote

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews will be completed at the end of each phase on myCourses using peer2peer. Each team member will provide feedback that enables improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of individuals and the whole team. All peer reviews will be shared with the team Guide and results will be discussed after each phase.




Project Reviews

All information on the Problem Definition Review on 9/18/17 can be found on the Problem Definition Page

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