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Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Weeks 3-6 will primarily consist of going through iterations of designing the survey to capture information from 3 groups.

We will need to keep in mind how wording and pictures affect the perceptions of the questions and question structuring so that the data can be reasonably analyzed. We will also continue to analyze the relationships between cells through MRP data analysis, including the number of pieces moving between each cell and the distances between them.

The following shows our proposed Week 3-6 plan.

Week 3-6 Plan

Week 3-6 Plan

Test Plan Summary

As of week 5, the surveys for each level were sent out to be completed by a "test group" of Company X personnel, representative of the total population. The surveys can be accessed in these links.


Team Member

Engineering and Support

Data Analysis

Digging through the MRP data, relationships based on the quantity of parts completed were established between the 42 different cells throughout the facility. The Starting cell column is on the left hand side, and the Destination row is on the top of the table. The cell names have been blurred per agreement with Company X. The number within each box represents the number of times a part has passed through Cell X to Cell Y, and the color represents the relationship.

Cell to Cell Analysis

Cell to Cell Analysis

Risk and Problem Tracking

1 risk has been added in this phase.

The complete list of risks can be seen below.

Risk List 2/20/2018

Risk List 2/20/2018

Design Review Materials

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Plans for next phase

During the next three weeks, we hope to accomplish the following.

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