P18718: ISE Utility Infielders

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

During this phase, the team:

Test Results Summary

At this point in the project, it is time to handoff all of the information gathered, and files created to Company X. This package handed off to them includes:

The company was pleased with the results of the project and the deliverables. They plan to use all of the deliverables to help guide them through the rest of their expansion project. The team wishes that they had more time, but proposed a good foundation for the company to build from. The most valuable diagram that the group provided to the company was the block diagram that grouped multiple departments together based on the strength of the relationships between the departments. With more time, the team would have:

Risk and Problem Tracking

At this point, all risks have been mitigated except for the risk that proposed solutions are not suitable for all shifts. This is due to the time constraint of the project.

The statuses for customer and engineering requirements can be seen below.

Status of Requirements

Status of Requirements

Final Project Documentation

Functional Demo Materials

To conclude, all of the design review materials can be accessed below.

Plans for Wrap-up

In order to wrap up this project, during the closeout meeting, we reviewed all of the documents and files that we handed off to Company X before we concluded the meeting. The next steps of this project are up to the customer; since this project was a Nemawashi, it was understood from the beginning that the work the team was going to accomplish was high level work that would help guide them through this project.

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