P18718: ISE Utility Infielders

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Definition Phase

1. Document Processes in production area.

2. Develop new Process Flow Charts for documented processes.

3. Identify Wastes in Processes.

Project Summary

The current process flow in a vital production area in Kodak has three key operations. The first is a Dial Operation, the second is a Spooler Operation, and the final is a Packaging Operation. Management of the department has identified that there is opportunity for setup times for the processes to be reduced and wastes to be eliminated.

Any reduction in setup time or identified wastes is considered a success. Any additional changes to improve the department's processes is a plus.


Use Cases

Use Cases

Use Cases

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Project Deliverables:

1. Documented Processes

2. Process Flow Charts

3. Updated Time Studies on specific processes

Customer Requirements & Engineering Requirements

Engineering and Customer Requirements

Engineering and Customer Requirements

Project Constraints & Challenges


1. Minimal documented forms to reference.

2. Ability to watch certain processes (changeover) are not set at specific times and may occur when the MSD group is not available.


1. Company culture

2. Limited budget

3. Already lean process

4. Scheduling

5. Dying industry

6. Minimal documentation

7. Availability/ accessibility to observe changeovers

8. Workers feel that there is no pressure for improvement

House of Quality

House of Quality

House of Quality

Design Review Materials

The team's goals and current understanding of the issues and processes can be accessed in the Problem Definition Design Review Presentation.

Plans for next phase

Next Phase

1. Target identified waste areas.

2. Time study targeted processes that show waste.

3. Plan how to eliminate wastes (“Prototype Phase”).

Final Phase --> MSDII

1. Implement and establish agreed upon changes with instructor and sponsor to production area.

(Use the individual 3-week plan template for this)

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