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Problem Definition for Company X

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase (Weeks 1-2)

Definition Phase

1. Talk to the key personnel at Company X to further understand and define the scope of the project.

2. Get an initial understanding of how various products flow throughout the facility.

3. Create initial Spaghetti Diagrams of the product flow.

4. Create drafts of the various surveys that will be distributed to employees to incorporate their views and ideas on product flow.

Project Summary

Company X, located in Upstate New York, specializes in precision optics fabrication. The facility works on a variety of custom and recurring projects and product and is growing rapidly. A major expansion is anticipated within the next year. Company X requires a specification for this expansion, which identifies true needs, work cell relationships, and space utilization while accounting for the constraints that come with those requirements. The MSDII team has been tasked with assisting the Company X team in this expansion project. The MSDII team will need to get to know the facility, the nature of the work, and how the workers interact with the environment and each other. A survey for the workplace is required to gather information from the workers with respect to safety, space utilization, and community interaction. The final requirement is to assist in determining the constraints and requirements of space for optics manufacturing and then map the workflows.

The PRP can be accessed here.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Project Deliverables:

1. Spaghetti Diagrams of product flow throughout the facility.

2. Various surveys that include input from different departments of the company.

3. Analyzed data collected from the different surveys.

4. Incorporation of data and "nemawashi" into a proposed facility layout.

Customer Requirements & Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

Project Constraints & Challenges


1. Immovable components of the facility, such as certain departments, machines, operations, etc...

2. Small time-frame to learn the facility and various product flows throughout the facility.


1. Finding an efficient way of categorizing and analyzing the data from the surveys.

2. Surveying and incorporating the ideas from all essential personnel at Company X.

3. Gaining approval across the various departments for the proposed facility design.

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis Continued

Risk Analysis Continued

Design Review Materials

The 1st Phase Design Review Presentation (Weeks 1 - 4) can be accessed here.

The tentative schedule for the upcoming links can be accessed here.

Plans for next phase

Next Phase

1. Finalize the surveys that will be used for the various departments.

2. Interview various departments of Company X and record the data from the surveys.

3. Begin to analyze the data collected from the surveys.

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