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Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

The Plan
The plan for this phase with Company X had the primary purpose of getting the survey results back. This would allow us to analyze information from the estimated 300 people that are actually working in the facility, and compare it to the MRP data that was provided to us. We knew that this data would not be easy to organize into useful information, so we planned for this to take time in order to be applicable to the deliverables.
What Was Done
During this phase we were able to take the data collected from the surveys, categorize it, and assign values to each response. From this, we were able to create heat maps to show where the highest interactions were taking place between departments. From the surveys, 126 people participated in the survey out of an estimated 300. Since the surveys were delayed from getting out, we were not able to present the cleaned data to Company X in our review, just the raw responses. However, after this review, we returned to Company X and showed them the cleaned version of the data. Company X added an additional deliverable to the list; they want the team to organize the survey results in a way that they will be able to know who said what to all of the questions asked. They plan to use this data to help them decide on who should be assigned to future projects at their company.

Test Results Summary

The results of this phase are not yet ready, however, we are able to see certain relationships between departments that are definitely notable for the company. This data was gathered by taking the survey data and turning it into a heat map. This data is going to be turned into a relationship diagram for one of the deliverables for the next phase.

Risk and Problem Tracking

At this point, the risks primarily remain the same, with a few risks mitigated such as the surveys not being accepted by employees and the survey not capturing appropriate data.

Functional Demo Materials

Pre-Read for the final design review with Company X can be accessed here.

An example of a heat map created from survey data can be seen below. As mentioned, the different colors represent the different proximities between departments to incorporate into our final department layouts.

Example Heat Map Generated from Survey Question

Example Heat Map Generated from Survey Question

Following the heat map, they were converted into the more tradition Muther Relationship Diagrams. Below is an example of the Muther Chart, utilizing the same color scheme to represent department proximities.

Muther Chart

Muther Chart

Plans for next phase

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