P18721: Value Re-Engineering for Additive Manufacturing

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

For the first phase of the semester lasting two weeks, our team planned to get a solid understanding of the new project deliverables, including a more definitive definition of success in the eyes of the customer. We also planned to reach out to more Gleason employees to get a diverse perspective of our project and what should be accomplished. During this phase we learned that our direct customer, Bill Simpson, would like us to direct our focus to recreating four parts in total. These parts should include a bevel gear and three miscellaneous parts that have a broad range in manufacturing difficulty. We were also able to get a tour of the Gleason facility and speak with several employees, which already seems beneficial for us. We were able to obtain part prints for each of the parts that we selected to work on, and we are now working to establish a connection with a service bureau that will have the printing capabilities that we need.

Test Plan Summary

Currently, our team does not have a definitive test plan. The parts that we print will be subjected to the same tests that Gleason uses for its current parts. We are in the process of obtaining the test specs that each part has, but for the most part the tests will be conducted by Gleason engineers. Testing the parts is outside of the scope of our project, a success for us is delivering parts that have the same form and fit of the old parts, and then Gleason will move forward with the project on its own once it tests the parts. The images shown below show an example of some of the tests that Gleason may conduct on the parts that we supply to them.

Collet Test Plan

Collet Test Plan

Test Procedures

Test Procedures

Risk and Problem Tracking

The updated risk document is linked below. As our project is still fairly new, we have yet to see any risks manifest into problems.

Risk Document

Design Review Materials

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Plans for next phase

At the next review, the team plans to have 2 parts ordered, a bevel gear and another part of our choosing. We will begin the process of creating a documentation package that will outline the process we went through to select a supplier. The documentation for the remainder of the parts should also be in place so that they are ready to be sent to a supplier for printing. A link to individual goals is shown below.

Individual Goals for Phase II

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