P18721: Value Re-Engineering for Additive Manufacturing

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

During this phase, the team planned to finalize the project by producing final deliverables to Gleason and holding a final review. There was plenty of information to hand off to Gleason due to the amount of documented research done by the team over the length of the project. Additionally, process maps were created for both selecting a service bureau to the Gleason standards and for moving forward with service bureaus to the point of ordering parts. Finally, quotes for the selected parts were concluded and Gleason has in its possession everything it needs to make an informed decision of whether or not to move forward with ordering additive manufactured parts. The parts have the potential to meet all of Gleason's requirements, but it will come down to whether or not Gleason can make a reasonable business agreement with the supplier. Unfortunately, the team was not able to leave Gleason with parts in hand, but short of this all of the project deliverables have been accomplished.

Test Results Summary

As discussed in previous segments of the project, testing of the parts was not within the scope given to the team. Once parts come in from the supplier, they will be able to be subjected to a battery of tests, all of which are the same as the tests used for the conventional parts.

Performance vs Requirments

Risk and Problem Tracking

One thing to note regarding our final risk and problem tracking documents is the abundance of risks and problems that still exist. This is because the project has not been concluded; there are known kinks in the process that will be smoothed out with time. This can only be done with time and several business interactions between the supplier and Gleason, which is not something that the MSD project had time for. Since this is the case and Gleason will now be taking on the project in full, the risk and problem tracking documents have been changed to reflect the risks and problems that Gleason has, rather than the MSD team. For example, the amount of time it takes to communicate with a supplier is less of a risk to Gleason than it was for our MSD team because the extent of our work was directly affected by the speed at which the suppliers worked, but Gleason will be able to continue the project no matter how long the communication process takes. As Gleason continues to work with this and any other supplier, the risks and problems will eventually be reduced, and a more dependable and repeatable process will result.

Final Project Documentation

The project did not include any hands on design work, rather it was the design of a process. In the Final Presentation, the team documents what we are allowed to show regarding this process, considering NDAs.

Functional Demo Materials

Final Presentation

Plans for Wrap-up

Individual Goals to Wrap up Project

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