P18721: Value Re-Engineering for Additive Manufacturing

Preliminary Detailed Design

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During the preliminary detailed design phase, our group made the decision to switch customers (as well as projects) to Gleason. This change is similar to the previous project and will allow us to use much of the work we have already accomplished, however due to the change and the unique path the team is taking through the MSD program, much of the work done during this phase has been alternative to the path laid out by the program, such as getting up to date with the current project.

Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

During this phase, the team planned to re-engineer existing parts for additive manufacturing, and to begin to make decisions such as dimensional constraints, material selection, additive manufacturing process, 3D printing vendor, and so on. The team also planned to visit 3D printing companies to get a better understanding for the type of work that they do and to increase our knowledge of the additive manufacturing process. Due to the unforeseen changes regarding the customer and project, the team completed alternative objectives, but were still able to connect with 3D printing companies and gather a variety of information that will prove to be useful later in this project.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

The change in customer and project also means that we were given new parts to consider and slightly altered objectives for those parts. Given the circumstances, the team has not completed engineering analysis objectives during this phase.

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

Due to the change, our team has not completed any prototyping and analysis objectives during the preliminary detailed design phase.

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Due to the change in customer, the team does not have any revisions to drawings, schematics, flow charts, or simulations to show during this phase.

Bill of Material (BOM)

With a new project, the team will be given a new budget with some new objectives. Therefore, the BOM is largely unknown and is something to be completed in the future.

Test Plans

The team has not gotten to the point of planning for tests with any prototypes, but the nature of our project will provide us with testing specs for each of the parts we will be creating. It is likely that Gleason will have tests that are required for us to run for the parts to make sure they are up to standards.

On top of those tests, the team may conduct separate tests on test specimens of certain AM materials to gather more information on the different materials that we may be using.

Design and Flowcharts

This section will be a repeat of the Design and Flowcharts section of the Systems Design phase. With the change implemented during this phase, the team has not spent more time making flowcharts. However, the new project has many of the same objectives of the old project, and the flowcharts shown below will still apply for the most part.

Decision Charts:

Decision Chart

Decision Chart

Material Decision Chart

Material Decision Chart

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Design Review Materials

The team did not hold a review for this phase due to the change of customer and project. Instead of completing MSD objectives, the team spent time getting up to date with the Gleason project and planning objectives for moving forward. Since we did not have much opportunity to work on the project for Gleason yet, there was nothing for us to share and it didn't make much sense to hold a review.

Plans for next phase

Our objective for the remainder of the semester is to get well under way with the Gleason project. We would like to be able to hit the ground running first thing next semester, and that entails understanding exactly what is expected of us and exactly what we need to do as a team moving forward. The Capstone team currently working on the same project with Gleason is preparing for an end of term presentation, and one thing that would allow our team to get fully up to speed is to spend time with them and learn what they are doing. We can ask questions about where their sees potential problems and where they see the project going in the future. Our group would really like to be able to deliver something useful for Gleason, so our main objective currently is to have a solidified plan moving forward.

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