P18721: Value Re-Engineering for Additive Manufacturing

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

The team’s goal for the problem definition phase of this project is to have a basic understanding of what Gleason expects to gain from this project. The team also wants to gain a basic understanding of Additive Manufacturing through their own research and on campus resources.

Project Summary

Additive Manufacturing seems to be the technology of the future for any business that creates mechanical parts in a variety of volumes. Gleason has decided to get a jump start in the process of converting over to additive manufacturing by beginning to look at some parts in an additive manufacturing perspective. The goal of the project is to save money in producing mechanical parts by creating a process that decreases waste, increases efficiency, decreases lead time, and decreases manufacturing costs. Several parts that Gleason initially wants to look at are currently very expensive to produce using traditional manufacturing methods, so there is high potential for success with this project. The scope of the project includes taking parts from part prints, through a redesign of the part for the most promising additive manufacturing method, and creating a working prototype that is proven to decrease the costs in producing the parts without sacrificing part quality.

Problem Definition.pdf (Content has been removed due to customer change)

Use Cases

Normal Product Wear and Tear

Extend System Life

Rapid Prototyping

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Key Deliverables

Other Project Goals

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Our Customer Requirements document is a compilation of our customer's needs from the project that they have expressed to us in a variety of ways. If everything in our Customer Requirements list is completed to customer satisfaction, we know we have completed our project.

Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

Live Customer Requirements Document

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

Based on our customer requirements, we came up with some Engineering Requirements to make sure we are satisfying all of the needs of our customer. A live document of the Engineering Requirements can be found in the link below the image.

Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Live Engineering Requirements Link


House of Quality

Our House of Quality demonstrates that the completion of our Engineering Requirements will inevitably satisfy our Customer Requirements.

House of Quality

House of Quality

Live House of Quality Link

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

To stay organized as a team and to make sure each team member is giving their best effort, we developed a spreadsheet that reviewed team work up until now and went over for team plans moving forward.
Plans for Next Phase

Plans for Next Phase

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