P18725: L3 Team FEPSI

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

During this phase the team:

Materials Review Board

During this phase the team met with the MRB team made up of representatives from all departments that have a hand in the MRB process. During this meeting, the current MRB process was discussed. After the meeting, the team took their notes and used them to create a current process flow of the MRB process. The team also identified potential areas for improvements which are called out in red on the process map.
MRB Current Process

MRB Current Process

The team met with the MRB team a second time to show the current process map and verify that it accurately represented the current state of MRB. Once the map had been verified, the MRB team agreed on which metrics to track and how to collect the necessary data to track the metrics. The metrics selected were:

Following the second meeting, the team created a document with recommendations to improve the MRB process. The document outlines the agreed upon current problems, lists suggestion to solve the problems, defines the selected metrics and where to acquire the necessary data, and outlines an agenda for the next MRB team meeting. By following this document, the MRB team should be able to continue their forward momentum with improving the MRB process.

Test Results Summary

Performance vs Requirements Table

Performance vs Requirements Table

Many of the red items are red because of the various scope changes that occurred throughout the project. The use of scanners, a WMS, and completion of Kaizen events did not end up happening thus their statuses are red. The other red item is related to operators cross training. It is red because while a plan was created, it was not implemented during the scope of this project. The other items are green.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Our final risk table can be seen below.

Final Risk Table

Final Risk Table

Final Project Documentation

The team's final paper can be found here

The team's final poster can be found here

Potential Future Work



Opportunties for Improvement:

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