P18751: Residency Rotation Scheduling

Build & Test Prep

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The files related to the code side of the project are located at our GitHub for the project link.

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase





While Liam got his sign-up process working, Dan and Taylor didn't actually finish the modeling side of the project because the scope of developing the model was larger than anticipated. They are making a plan on how to conquer those challenges for the rest of the semester.

Test Plan Summary

Our test plan has not changed since last semester. The issue we are having is not having enough of the system developed makes testing impossible right now. And because of this, we have no test results to show here.


  1. Ensure test plans are in place
  2. Ensure that all applicable test standards have been cited (e.g., ASTM)
  3. Ensure all ordered materials have been received
  4. Ensure team has space and equipment necessary to begin building and testing

Risk and Problem Tracking

Our risks haven't changed since our gate review last semester. The reason being that we need to actually be developing a system in order to identify if the risks we thought were important are actually relevant or if there are other problems we need to address.

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

Taylor and Dan are going to be working with the MSD Team Assignment Process Improvement group to understand what they know. And they're also going to see how the two teams can divide and conquer aspects of their projects to speed up development on both sides.

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