P18751: Residency Rotation Scheduling

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Our goal for this final phase was to have a fully functional prototype and be able to demonstrate it with the staff at RGH and Strong Memorial. However, due to time constraint issues, the team was only able to deliver a mostly functioning proof of concept demo that the folks at RGH and Strong Memorial were able to provide us feedback on.

Our Imagine RIT presentation / activity suggested that the interest in having a tool like this available is fairly widespread. We even had people from other circumstances who have to deal with scheduling in a constrained situation show interest.

Test Results Summary

We were able to finally obtain feedback on our system! It was remote however, so it was a guided tour thourhg the system. Our main areas we acquired feedback on were things like naming conventions used, were prompts clear, and whether or not our understanding of the scheduling process was correct.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Unfortunately, due to our not being able to completely finish the project, we were not able to account for all of our risks. But the updated risk management sheet is contained here.

Final Project Documentation

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for Wrap-up

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