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All prospective physicians in the United States are required to participate in a residency program lasting three years. During these residencies, the students rotate between various hospital departments and practice medicine under the guidance of a senior physician. These rotations are scheduled for the entire year and must account for many factors, including but not limited to learning benefits of the resident, quality and continuity of care for the patients, staffing needs for the different departments, and various labor and medical regulations. The creation of these year-long schedules by the chief resident can take upwards of two months.

An optimization model has been created that will devise these schedules in a fair, and more importantly, fast manner. The model is currently implemented using commercial software packages, however in its current form it is not user friendly. The goal of the project is to first migrate the current implementation into an open-source package, and second to create a graphical user interface to enter information and display potential schedules. The new interface also needs to be able to be portable and be capable of running on major operating systems (Linux, MacOS, Windows). Doing so will drastically reduce the amount of time required by chief residents to create resident schedules, allowing them to spend their time more effectively.

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Residency Rotational Scheduling Graphical User Interface
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John Kaemmerlen, jxkpdm@rit.edu
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Ruben Proano, rpmeie@rit.edu
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Left to right: Liam, Dan, Taylor

Left to right: Liam, Dan, Taylor

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Liam Kalir Lead Engineer lk8150@rit.edu
Daniel Fox Chief Facilitating Officer dcf2981@rit.edu
Taylor Blackwell Master of Communications teb5039@rit.edu

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We tried to follow the standard structure for Edge, with some adaptations as this project was primarily an OR and software development project.

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