P18751: Residency Rotation Scheduling

Integrated System Build & Test

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The files related to the code side of the project are located at our GitHub for the project link.

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

The team plans on having a close to finished version of the system to demonstrate for Dr. Proaño during our week 10 demo. The goal being that Dan finishes the data input portion and Taylor finishes the modeling portion and Liam makes sure the website can handle use model and display the results.

Risk and Problem Tracking

While Dan was working with his portion of the model, he was able to startup a fresh instance of the system from his other computer and the dependencies all worked out! So that's a risk that's been mitigated! And that makes the system at least a little bit more portable as Dr. Proaño listed in his original requirements.

Functional Demo Materials

Taylor and Dan were able to combine the data input and basic modeling parts of the system and demonstrate that they work in the Mar-29.py file located here.

Part of the work from Dan's end was also generating a template for how the data would be formatted in Excel to both human readable and also easy enough to work with from Python and the Pandas library. The results of that effort are shown here.

Liam demonstrated the current iteration of the website/interface. And the files for the website are maintained here. For this demo, Liam showed off that users can add multiple files and solve for schedules and then display the results.

Plans for next phase




Notes from design review:

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