P18751: Residency Rotation Scheduling

Subsystem Build & Test

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The files related to the code side of the project are located at our GitHub for the project link.

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Taylor and Dan met with the MSD Team Assignment Process Improvement group to gain more insight on current scheduling problems. They also met with PhD student Nick Morris to discuss how the process of modeling a complex problem like the resident problem should be tackled. And they actually built code and it works!

Liam got more of the user credentials and server setup ironed out at before the demo in week 6.

Test Results Summary

Our test plan has not changed since last module. We are at a point where the testing plans are going to actually be useful as Taylor and Dan finish developing the model. Once the modeling part is done, the team can find test subjects and have them try the system and provide feedback.

Risk and Problem Tracking

While developing the code for the model, the team stumbled upon the user documentation for Pyomo which has become a fantastic resource for troubleshooting. The largest takeaway from this documentation is that Pyomo can actually handle sets of sets which was our largest concern while looking at limitations of Pyomo over AMPL.

Functional Demo Materials




Plans for next phase




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