P19001: Wearable Interface

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Summarize: During this Phase the Team planned to:

We have just received the new micro-controller, which will hopefully resolve our Bluetooth connection issues. Test Plan drafts have been finalized for the relevant Engineering Requirements, other necessary parts have arrived, and the project plan has been updated with the Team's overall goals for this semester.

Also, as of MSD II we have switched Guides from George Slack to Jerry Adamski, we look forward to his advice and guidance this semester.

Updated BOM

This is the currently up to date BOM of all Orders we planned throughout MSD I, we are currently testing with our new micro controller. More acquisitions will likely be made as we progress to our test plans.
Updated BOM

Updated BOM

Test Plan Summary

Test Plan Preview

Test Plan Preview

The Test plans created to verify the engineering requirements can be found here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

The current Risk Management chart can be found here. At the end of MSD I and now starting off MSD II some of these risks have become Problems which can be seen below in the Problem Tracker
Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Design Review Materials

In order to see what we accomplished and researched through MSD I you can either review our Home Page or refer to our presentations from MSD I below.
MSD I Presentations
Problem Definition Presentation
System Level Design Review Presentation
Preliminary Detailed Design Review Presentation
Detailed Design Review Presentation

Plans for next phase

The Team's overall Plan's for MSD II can be seen below
Project Plan Preview

Project Plan Preview

The team's individual plans for the next phase are available in the table below

Team Member 3-week Plans

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