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Gate Reviews

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MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

The Team is switching micro controllers but as the prototype is functional redesigning the code should not take long and the team is ready for the build and test phase of MSD II.

The Gate review document can be found here, and the self critique can be found here.


Status Review

Current state of the project

We have a functioning prototype using tactile switches right now. A PCB is currently designed with this hardware in mind, and includes all required battery circuitry as well. We have accomplished just about all of what we set out to do this semester, save for a couple sensors that still need to be tested.

As for the design activities that are still open, Sensor testing for Hall Effect and ToF sensors, and a microcontroller change to something more manageable than the ESP32. Following these changes, the PCB will be adapted to take the new hardware. After this, progress can ramp up in the software design regarding the app (for phones) and the microcontroller code.

Currently Arduino with ESP32 libraries are used for the microcontroller. Adafruit libraries are used for the Accelerometer (and for the ToF sensors). Generic I2C protocol is used for the Hall Effect sensors, and simple GPIO interfacing for the tactile switches. KiCAD is used for the PCB design.

Lastly, all major subsystems been adequately reviewed, the budget will be met, however the PCB design is pending the microcontroller change, so GERBERs cannot be generated until this decision is made.

The scope of our project has not changed. Our scheduling has not changed as well, we are firmly on course to completing this project.

So far we have delivered what we promised, some more than others, which made sure that our MSD plan was effective when we made it originally.

We closed out most major risks, with remediation plans for the risks still in the future. Most of the risks that manifested themselves into problems will be easily solved in the next phase of MSD.

MSD II: Project close-out


Status Review

Current state of the project

Performance vs. Requirements



The requirements document can be found here.

Risk Assessment and Problem Tracking Status

Lessons learned

The Gate Review Presentation can be found here.

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