P19001: Wearable Interface

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

If the DEXT is successful the team is considering filing for a provisional patent. This patent will belong to the team and customer. As the team and customer plan is to sell their working model to a more established company rather than look into a start-up.

Team Setup


  1. Facilitate team coordination and identify lacking capabilities.
  2. Establish good practice of structured, coordinated documentation.

Inputs and Source

  1. Skills - team and guides.
  2. Expertise - SMEs.

Outputs and Destination

Document of team capabilities and resources that can be accessed later.

Team Values and Norms

Project Plans & Schedules

Vincent was in charge of updating the team schedule. The current updated schedule can be seen here.

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Other Team Resources

Your team may have other resource requirements. With your customer and guide, your team should identify:

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I & II. Maintain a record of team/guide meetings. This includes discussion, action items, decisions made, and work assigned.

Peer Reviews


As the customer is the Team Leader, communication with the customer Willow Baker is much simpler and does not need to be documented out or scheduled.

Project Reviews

Gate Reviews

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