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Subsystem Build & Test

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DEXT Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Summarize, During this Phase the Team Planned to:

Due to unexpected illness hitting multiple members of the group and our guide this review was delayed, as well as several key aspects of development of the DEXT prototype, namely the development of the wearable iteration. Otherwise a much improved prototype was developed using the new micro-controller that easily connects via Bluetooth allowing for a clean demo of the device's functionality. The design of the new PCB is underway and will be ordered as soon as possible to ensure we have plenty of time to experiment. A basic Game has been designed in Unity,and while technically functional it still needs work.



DEXT Prototype Progress


The code for DEXT Prototype with the new micro-controller had to be rewritten and optimized. Since two boards were initially purchased, only two possible versions of the DEXT prototype code could be developed simultaneously: a partial interrupt version and an all-interrupt based version. After some deliberation the team decided to proceed with the all-interrupt based version, in which each of the four buttons has its own interrupt vector. The IMU reads out an orientation when all buttons are released and returns a HID keyboard character over Bluetooth.

The code used in the current Prototype can be found here.

The electrical schematic for the Interrupt based DEXT version can be seen below.

Prototype Electrical Schematic

Prototype Electrical Schematic

Wearable Interface

While a fully wearable iteration of the mechanical DEXT Prototype wasn't finished by this review, progress was made in soldering the buttons and setting up the IMU and microcontroller
Current Prototype

Current Prototype

The current prototype without solder can be seen above. The team is working on setting up a chassis to allow for it to be worn comfortably in order to enact Test Plans that involve a wearable DEXT prototype.
Switch Setup

Switch Setup

A board and cantilever switch setup was determined to allow for tactile interaction with the four buttons for use of the DEXT as can be seen above. The intent it to allow for noticeable tactile feedback without much effort required to send the correct commands.

DEXT Game/Application

The Keyboard shown below was developed to allow new users of the DEXT a reference while they are initially figuring out how to use the device.
DEXT Keyboard

DEXT Keyboard

This will be used within the application the Team intends to pair with the DEXt device, and hopefully integrated with the game that the team is working to develop. So far it is intended for simple games such as Hangman or a type-to-win game where letters fall on the screen. While the app is still in progress it is successful so far in keyboard tests.

Updated BOM

This is the currently up to date BOM of orders that have been made since last review in order to allow the team to explore more possibilities with the current micro controller. More acquisitions will likely be made as we progress to our test plans.
Updated BOM

Updated BOM

can be found here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

The current Risk Management chart can be found here. After several weeks, the risk of a team member being unable to perform their task became a problem when a member became sick which can be seen below in the Problem Tracker.
Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

The Problem has hopefully been resolved, but set us back a good week or two on our overall plans.

Demo Video

A video of a demonstration of the current DEXT prototype with the new micro controller was filmed and put up on a team members YouTube for perusal here.

Plans for next phase

The Team's overall Plan's for MSD II can be seen below
Project Plan Preview

Project Plan Preview

The team's individual plans for the next phase are available in the table below

Team Member 3-week Plans

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