P19002: Game Based Prosthetic Hand Trainer

Build & Test Prep

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

OUR VISION: Our Team is planning to iteratively design and test our system. We are going to get the base functionality done and then add more and more parts on top of that. By thing this it should get the system that is functional at each step of the process. Each iteration should be adding more degrees of freedom to the project and allowing the team to test these along the way. This will also help mitigate risks that might arise during our design process. This method allows the testing apparatus and the game design to be worked on in parallel, while each part can provide its functionality as the semester continues.

Test Plan Summary

This Diagram is a high level dependency chart for testing. It shows a basic flow for some of the basic functional tests. The rounded boxes are different actions. The arrows show the flow. The circle boxes show an action done to test function. The diamond boxes show which tests are done tested.

Test Plan

Test Plan

Testing Flow Chart

Testing Flow Chart

Note: Not all of the tests are listed since this chart shows the dependencies for the basic functionally.

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