P19008: Motorized Pediatric Stander

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Setup

Stand BIMEE Team

Nick EE

Lead Engineer


Megan ME

Project Manager


Jaqueline BME

Test Engineer


Snehal EE

Electrical Design Engineer


Ahmad ISE

Manufacturing Engineer


Dabere EE

Electrical Controls Engineer/Purchasing


Ryan BME

Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineer


Team Values and Norms


Stand BiMEE Team Rules and Values

Team Operation Rules (Norms):

  1. Be open to listening to alternative viewpoints
  2. Attend full duration of all team meetings (unless there is a case of emergency or an excused absence)
  3. All team members will work on project related tasks during group meetings
  4. All team members will complete assigned action items in a timely fashion and document their completion
  5. Team will regularly check emails and texts
  6. Team will agree to meet weekly for at least one hour on Thursdays 5:15pm, when needed
  7. MSD floor is default location for meeting.
  8. Work as a team to complete all deliverables of the project in a timely fashion
  9. Team will be honest and respectful to each other at all times
  10. All work will be cited appropriately when using outside sources
  11. Team members will use Edge, Trello, Google drive, and group texts on a regular basis.

Dynamic Adjustment Process:

  1. Issue to be brought up with Project Manager, or Lead Engineer
  2. PM or LE will handle situation to their discretion
  3. Address with person first, then with team present, then if issue continues bring up to guide/DeBartolo

Project Plans & Schedules

Project Management/planning/P19008.mpp

Ensure timely delivery of all required work products, identify prerequisite tasks with owners, ensure special resource needs are met.


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