P19011: Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase, the team goals were to test the build of our first hydraulic cylinder, finalize the design of the frame and materials to be used, evaluate our budget, and order all materials.

The team tested the completed first hydraulic cylinder, made adjustments, finalized concepts and material decisions for the framework and other subsystems of the device, and evaluated the budget to order materials.


IRB Approval

The IRB Proposal for Human testing was approved, the signed Form C can be found here


Link to the current BOM can be found here

Test Plan Summary

Leak Test

The first hydraulic cylinder was built. The team attached it to a pressurized water source to test the functionality of the cylinder. The cylinder successfully worked with the water pressure from the wall moving the piston of the cylinder in.

public/Photo Gallery/Cylinder1.jpg public/Photo Gallery/Cylinder2.jpg

To test for quality, the team used soapy water to cover any locations where there may be any air leaks. One minor leak was found near the threading of the cylinder shown by the air bubble.

public/Photo Gallery/Cylinder3.jpg public/Photo Gallery/Cylinder4.jpg

Two Way Valve Test

Tubing was added to the cylinder to test the piston's up and down movement. A 3-way valve will replace this tubing on the final device. This tubing and valve test rig allowed the flow of water into and out of the cylinder to be tested.

public/Photo Gallery/Cylinder_with_test_tubing.jpg

A full video of the functional testing can be found here

The team also tested the stopping function of the piston during use. With the two way valve set-up, the piston can be stopped at any point during the raising or lowering process.

A full video of this testing can be found here

Other Testing Documents

Functionality Test

Hygiene Test

Piston Leak Test

Safety Test

Static Load Test

Risk and Problem Tracking

The team updated the risk assessment spreadsheet with potential risks resulting from decisions made in the design development progress. The image below shows the updated portion of the risk assessment.

public/Photo Gallery/RiskAssessmentPhase5.JPG

The entire risk assessment spreadsheet can be found here

To track problems, the team started a problem tracking spreadsheet. A portion of the tracker is shown below.

public/Photo Gallery/ProblemTracking1.JPG

The full problem tracking document can be found here

Design Review Materials

Notes from the design review can be found here

Plans for next phase

Below is a screenshot of a portion of the Gantt chart showing information and the timeline for the team's next steps.

public/Photo Gallery/Phase6Screenshot.JPG

The full MSD II Gantt chart can be found here

Links to each team members' Three Week Plan:

Rachel Ackles

Rachel Berry

Nate Bracalente

Don Phan

Daniel Vetere

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