P19011: Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

The team planned to finish machining and assembly of the device, test the functionality of the device, prepare for and present at Imagine RIT 2019, and complete all project documentation and technical deliverables.

The team completed the device and tested the functionality prior to presenting at Imagine RIT. The project poster and paper were completed and submitted.

Test Results Summary

The team tested the load that the device can safely handle. The device was raised and lowered with 0 lbs, 200 lbs, and 400 lbs successfully.

The testing document can be found here

While in use, the device showed no signs of leaking or loose parts that would impede functionality.

public/Photo Gallery/Imagine set up.jpg

A video of the device being demonstrated at Imagine RIT can be found here

Risk and Problem Tracking

The full Risk Assessment document can be found here

The full Problem Tracking Document can be found here

Final Project Documentation

The team's final project paper can be found here

The final Performance vs. Requirements documentation can be found here

The team's final project poster can be found here

The team's lightning talk slide can be found here

The final BOM can be found here

Functional Demo Materials

Notes from the review can be found here

Plans for Wrap-up

As a team, we plan to hand off all project documentation and materials to the customer and MSD department.

Links to each team members' final plan:

Rachel Ackles

Rachel Berry

Nate Bracalente

Don Phan

Daniel Vetere

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