P19011: Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

The team planned to acquire all materials needed, request a budget increase, design the lever and valve system, build the second hydraulic cylinder, and begin welding activities.

The team acquired all materials necessary for the building of the device and received a budgetary increase. The team designed the valve and lever system to control the hydraulic cylinders movement. The steel plate arrived and was put into the queue for the water-jetting process, and welding activities were started. Materials for the aesthetic model were ordered and building of the model began.

The team's Imagine RIT proposal was official approved and the team found a location with a water source for proper demonstration during the festival.


All material has now been received by the team. The final cost of the functional device is $728.36. This is the cost a company or individual would incur if they were to purchase solely the material to build the device and does not include material for testing purposes or any labor costs that would be incurred.

The complete and updated BOM can be found here

Machining, Weld, and Assembly

The team is working with welding expert Gary Houdienus to weld the device together. The steel plate was water jet to produce the base and seat plate, shown below.

public/Photo Gallery/Waterjet Seatplate.jpeg

The team finalized the design for the lever system that will allow users to control the height and movement of the device.

public/Photo Gallery/Lever Pic 1.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Lever Pic 2.PNG

The team finalized the design of the arm rest system to allow for users to have the support of the arm rests but also be able to swing them out to the side during the transfer process.

public/Photo Gallery/Arm Rest Pic 1.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Arm Rest Pic 2.PNG

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment Phase Highlights

The full Risk Assessment document can be found here

Problem Tracking Phase Highlights

The team currently has no blockers or problems that are currently being monitored. The full Problem Tracking Document can be found here

Functional Demo Materials

Notes from the phase review can be found here

Plans for next phase

In the next and final phase, the team plans to finish all machining activities and begin testing the prototype. After successfully completing functionality testing, human testing will also be done. In addition, the team will complete the technical paper and the poster as well as prepare for Imagine RIT.

The full Gantt Chart can be found here

Links to each team members' Three Week Plan:

Rachel Ackles

Rachel Berry

Nate Bracalente

Don Phan

Daniel Vetere

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