P19011: Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

The team planned to get quotes from outside vendors for particular components of the device design, update the BOM and budget to make a request for more money, and put finishing touches on the CAD model. The team also planned to start the welding and subsystem building process.

The team finished making the CAD model of the device and sent it out to vendors to acquire quotes. The team consulted with a welding expert and created a plan of how and where welding would occur in the assembly of the device. Components for the subsystems of the device were ordered. The budget was updated to include the quotes from suppliers to create a proposal for a budget increase.

The team also started preparing outlines for the final paper and poster to properly document the process the team has gone through. Imagine RIT space was requested in our official presentation proposal.


The updated BOM can be found here

Final CAD Model

The model of the device was finalized and sent off to vendors to get quotes on how costly certain manufactured parts may be.

public/Photo Gallery/Isometric View (Seat Down).PNG

public/Photo Gallery/isometric view.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Side View.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Front View.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Top View.PNG

Risk and Problem Tracking

The Risk Assessment was updated to decrease risk ratings that have been mitigated or prevention put into place, and any new risks were added to the list. The full document can be found here.

Risks that were lowered in Importance:

Risks with high importance that the team is monitoring closely:

The Problem Tracking spreadsheet was updated to include new problems the team is facing. The full document can be found here

public/Photo Gallery/ProblemTracking_Phase6.JPG

Functional Demo Materials

Notes from the Phase 6 review can be found here

Plans for next phase

The full MSD II Gantt chart can be found here

The next steps for the team will be to request a budget increase, order the tubing and seat place, design the lever and valve system once the test valve arrives, build the second hydraulic cylinder, and complete welding activities.

Links to each team members' Three Week Plan:

Rachel Ackles

Rachel Berry

Nate Bracalente

Don Phan

Daniel Vetere

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