P19045: Essential Tremor DAQ


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Essential Tremor is a movement disorder that causes rhythmic shaking. The tremor can occur to the arms, hands, fingers and progress to the head, neck, and voice.

Team 17044 developed a wearable device for patients with Essential Tremor to mitigate their tremors so that they can function in everyday life. The team had no way of testing the device with anatomically and physiologically correct forms and motions and had no easy way to obtain feedback on the performance of the device.

Team 18045 developed Tremor Mitigation Test Rig which was to resemble an anatomically correct arm that replicates Essential Tremor. The team had problems with the electrical motors to show the robotic arm shaking.

The goal of this project is to complete the Tremor Mitigation Test Rig. The test rig must mimic a human arm and be able to measure the performance of the tremor mitigation device. The test rig is limited by a budget of $1000, dimensions of 2x2x3 (L x W x H) ft, the physiological data collected by the Data Acquisition team, and the real range of motion of the human arm. Our team aims to have a test rig that can incorporate patient data on Essential Tremor to mimic the motions in order to allow the mitigation device to be properly tested and receive feedback on its performance.

For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

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Project Name
Essential Tremor Mitigation Test Rig II
Project Number
Project Family
Biomedical Assistive Devices
Start Term
Fall 2018
End Term
Spring 2019
Faculty Guide
Michael Zona, mfzddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Daniel Phillips, dbpeee@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)

Team Members

Jordan, Garrett, Christopher, Nick, Daniel, Ajnur and Jonathan

Jordan, Garrett, Christopher, Nick, Daniel, Ajnur and Jonathan

Member Role Contact
Jordan Vanosky Lead Engineer jv1957@g.rit.edu
Garrett Quiel Project Manager geq6250@g.rit.edu
Christopher George Communications cdg9128@g.rit.edu
Nick D'Avanzo Facilitator nrd4577@g.rit.edu
Daniel Horrigan Purchasing dph3713@g.rit.edu
Ajnur Sljivo Team Member axs3255@g.rit.edu
Jonathan Duong Team Member jxd4802@g.rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

Project Photos and Videos

Imagine RIT

Gate Reviews

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Preliminary Detailed Design

Detailed Design

Build & Test Prep

Subsystem Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation (Verification & Validation)

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Team Schedule

Risk Management

Use Case


Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart

Pugh Concept Selection


Mechanical Drawings

Electrical Schematic

IMU Software

Arduino Software

Processing Software Needed for GUI

Test Plans

Final Mechanical CAD Files


Test Results

Lightning Talk

Performance vs Requirements

Imagine RIT Poster

Technical Paper

Customer Hand-Off Presentation