P19081: Cell Factory

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

Our team is currently considering filing for a provisional patent. The project’s financial support carries no IP requirements. No select portion of our project requires confidentiality as per customer guidelines.

Team Setup

Team Values and Norms

Team Values and Norms

Team Values and Norms

Live Document: Team Values and Norms

Project Plans & Schedules

Team Plan

Team Plan

Live Document: Team WBS

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risk Management

Risk Management

Live Document: Risk Management

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Live Document: Initial Customer Interview Notes (4 September 2018)

Live Document: Customer Meeting following Week 3 Design Review

Live Document: Customer Meeting Minutes Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

Peer Reviews

Live Document: Peer Evaluations Phase 1 Design Review

Live Document: Peer Evaluations Phase 2 Design Review


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