P19093: Over-Bed Hospital Table


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What are bedside tables?

Bedside tables are prevalent in hospitals and nursing homes and are a necessity for patients when they need to eat food, read, or assist in other activities. The table can also hold personal items like medicine, cups, or assist nurses in their every day care for the patients.

The Problem

Our customer Rochester Regional Health Network (RRHN) identifies key problems with their current day bedside tables. With the bedside tables used in their hospitals, it’s difficult for patients to eat and nurses to operate. This project aims to improve current bedside tables to include more convenient features. An existing prototype exists in the Industrial Design department and we aim to assist in the improvements for easy mobility, height adjustments, and expanding the table to increase surface area.
Bedside Table

Bedside Table

Sponsor Logo

Sponsor Logo

Project Name
Bedside Table for Hospital or Long-Term Care
Project Number
Start Term
Fall 2181
End Term
Spring 2185
Faculty Guide
Jerry Adamski
Primary Customer
Rochester General Hosptial = Rachelle Stevens, Rachelle.Stevens@rochesterregional.org & Unity Hospital = Sheri Faggiano, sheri.faggiano@rochesterregional.org, Ravee Fazal, raveefazal@gmail.com
Industrial Design Team
Yueyue (Zoey) Zhang, yz9548@rit.edu & Shannon Connell, sdcnai@rit.edu

Table Parts

We identified and labeled the parts of the table so that whenever a part of the table is referenced, everyone will understand what part of the table we're actually referencing.
General definition to referencing table parts

General definition to referencing table parts

Team Members

Left to Right: Melanie Roy, Stephanie Chu, Kyle Chrysler, Kazi Rahman, Mendy Yu

Left to Right: Melanie Roy, Stephanie Chu, Kyle Chrysler, Kazi Rahman, Mendy Yu

Member Major Primary Role Contact
Stephanie Chu ME Project Manager sxc3510@rit.edu
Kyle Chrysler ISE Facilitator kdc2421@rit.edu
Kazi Rahman BME Purchasing kar1915@rit.edu
Melanie Roy ME Engineer mtr1321@rit.edu
Mendy Yu ME Communication, Engineer mxy4126@rit.edu

Team Values & Norms

Work Breakdown: By Phase


Problem Definition

Systems Design

Preliminary Detailed Design

Detailed Design

Build & Test Prep

Subsystem Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation (Verification & Validation)

Planning & Execution

Project Photos and Videos

Imagine RIT

Gate Reviews

Work Breakdown: By Topic

Project Management Design Tools Design Documentation Implementation/Validation Presentation & Dissemination



Project Timeline


Risk Management

Communication & Minutes

Use Case


Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart

Pugh Concept Selection

Bill of Materials

Mechanical Drawings

Facility Layout



Test Fixtures


Test Plans & Results

Feasibility Analysis


Design Review Documents


Technical Paper


Imagine RIT Exhibit


We'd like to give our thanks to the following people for all their help and support throughout our project and the MSD process: Jerry Adamski, Rachelle Stevens, Ravee Fazal, Aaron Burton, Dan Phillips, Stan Rickels, Kerri Vanderbush, Jodi McNamara, Rob Kraynik, Jan Maneti, and the RIT Kate Gleason College of Engineering