P19093: Over-Bed Hospital Table

Interview Process

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Interview Questions & Responses

Link to the Industrial Design students' questionnaires for the patients and doctors:

Interview conducted with Industrial Design graduate student and faculty assigned to the project.

Interview Questions

1. What’s the current status of the project? Is the current prototype the final design?

2. What problems with the current prototype are priorities?

3. What aspects of the current design need to be kept, and what can be changed?

4. Who are the key stakeholders/audiences/consumers?

5. What’s the current scope?

6. What’s the current Intellectual Property status?

7. Have you identified any risk and contingency planning?

8. Any standards and safety factors that need to be considered?

Interview Notes

The following are previous interviews conducted by the MSD team and the Industrial Design team.

Art North

The patient's perspective is a paraplegic with the following concerns:


Following are links to the patients interview responses:


Following are links to the doctors and nurses interview responses:

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