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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

For the first two weeks of MSD II the team planned on proving the readiness to build by verifying the subsystems of the design. Following feedback from the final design review, the MMR accelerometer, the custom shoe insert, and custom force sensor were eliminated from the design. This left us with a design consisting of two major components; force measurement and location measurement, supported by our raspberry pi collection system. In the two weeks, we verified capability of the Decawave beacon and tag system for the location measurement. The calibration of the force sensor is being worked on in parallel to a feasibility verification of the part chosen. Looking ahead, the work will consist of completing the force measurement system, adding an accelerometer, and integrating the entire system.
Here is the future planning of what our team and each member will be working on in the upcoming weeks. This document is continuously worked on and added to as different problems and solutions are found.
Our Teams Future Plans

Our Teams Future Plans

Link to Our Teams Plans

Test Plan Summary

Test Plans for the system

Test Plans for the system

Link to Test Plans Document

Risk and Problem Tracking

The problem tracking document shown below will be used whenever our team encounters a problem in the test and build section. This is a six step process to help us work through any situations that develop.
Problem Management

Problem Management

Link to Problem Solving Document

Design Review Materials

Some work was done over the summer and in this first week of classes that was not documented on edge previously in the first four phases of MSD 1. Therefore, a brief showing of this material can be seen in our new wiring diagram and brief demo of the location tracking sub system.
New Wiring Diagram

New Wiring Diagram

Link to Schematic

Here is a Link to the location sub system demo.

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