P19101: CubeSat Solar Sail

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Test Plan Summary

We used our test plan develop our test plans and determine what we needed to test for this semester.

We plan on testing the deployment system in the next three weeks along with the nichrome wire. The deployment system will be tested with just the booms initially. Once that works we will add on the boom and then finally the sensors. We will use balloons to simulate no gravity and keep the tape measures up.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Our Risk Management page has been updated. Overall we have lessen the majority of our big risk options. A new risk that we hadn't considered is that the water jet may be down when we want to get our parts machined. To lessen this risk we plan to have our design in within the next week so that we will have the parts early.

Here is a link to the live document.

Plans for next phase

For the next phase, in three weeks, we plan to have more of our cubesat assembled and several tests done such as the nichrome wire test and the sail deployment. Each team member has several individual tasks assigned to them, which are listed below.

Adam Stock

Brett Saxe

Jarrett Pischera

Kristin Angel

Nathan Lindberg

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