P19101: CubeSat Solar Sail

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Our team is keeping our project open source so other people can help advance our design or solar sails in general.

Team Setup

Collectively our team decided on roles based on our strengths and weaknesses. Some team members will need to share roles and tasks in order to meet deadlines. All members will also take part in some part of the design and build.

Adam Stock: Team Leader

In charge also of communication and facilitating. Key strengths include mechanical design, 3D CAD, and organization.

Kristin Angel: Project Manager

Key strengths include organization, documentation and mechanical controls.

Brett Saxe: Purchasing

Key strengths include program management, systems testing, systems modelling, and power electronics.

Nathan Linberg: Lead Software Engineer

Key strengths include software design, communication protocol architecture, and control systems.

Jarrett Pischera: Lead Technical Engineer

Key strengths include hardware and firmware integration, electrical controls, and system automation.

Team Values and Norms


Team members should complete their tasks to the best of their ability thoroughly and completely. This means seeking assistance if they do not know how to complete the task. If the team member has more work than he can handle he should consult with his team members before the due date to make sure the task gets done.


Team members should complete their work in a consistent manner. They should make sure to follow the template so that other members can look at their work quickly and understand what they are seeing.


Each team member will give credit to where its due. All work will be done by the team and not plagiarized. Work will be cited to the appropriate literature. Each team member will be honest and trustworthy when dealing with their peers.

Treat People with Respect

Team members will treat each other, the client, their adviser, and anyone helping with project with respect. Team members should treat others as equals by listening to others ideas and considering others opinions. This includes listening and speaking calmly with others even if upset.

RIT Core Values

Team members will follow RIT's core values. These include teamwork, collaboration, innovation and flexibility. RIT also incudes some of our already mentioned values such as respect and ethics.

MSD I Project Plans & Schedules

The top four lines are the four phase from the senior design 1. For more detail on the semester schedule, click here. The below sections include the work we will be doing in each phase. Each task is broken down by date and percent complete, as shown by the darker colored bar over the lighter colored bar. This will be updated as the semester progresses.

Semester Schedule

Semester Schedule

The schedule below details our projected schedule for our project during MSDII in the spring semester.

Semester Schedule

Semester Schedule

Finally below is a more in depth view of the critical path for our project during MSDI.

Critical Path

Critical Path

MSD II Project Plans & Schedules

Please use the URL below to access the tasking whiteboard utilized by the team. It details all assigned tasking with every open and closed action item associated with each task.


See the image below for a Gantt chart which summarizes the schedule for the MSDII semester. Click here for the full excel document supporting the chart.

Semester Schedule

Semester Schedule

See the image below for a condensed 3 week plan for the first phase of MSDII that the team agreed upon.

Semester Schedule

Semester Schedule

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

To help make sure our project runs smoothly we did a risk assessment. We look at everything we could think of that could go wrong and ranked their severity and likelihood. These two numbers were multiplied do just us an order of importance with the higher numbers be more important to focus on.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Other Team Resources

Click here for up to date budgeting, detailing all past purchases.

As of this writing $550.27/$1000 is still available to the team.

Your team may have other resource requirements. With your customer and guide, your team should identify:

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I & II. Notes and meeting minutes can he found here.

Peer Reviews

At the end of each phase we have a team meeting in talk as a team what each of is good at and can improve at.

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

Problem definition review meeting outline can be found HERE.

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