P19102: Hybrid Rocket Engine

Preliminary Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

The goal for this stage was to make progress on selecting the final design. Some things we did during this phase:

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation


At this point in time (11/19/2018) we still do not have access to NX, the desired program to be used for CAD and simulations. As a result, we have had to use alternate programs that do not have as desired simulation packages. The plan to mitigate this is to complete all of the CAD work within these programs, perform the best estimates we can, and then finish out simulations when NX licenses become available.


Experimental parameters are being generated to design quick and accurate experiments. The experiments will be done for the ignition system and injector system. For the ignition system, our goal is to ensure ignition 100% of the time in varying extremes of conditions (temperature, wind, gas flow rate). The injector experiments are to collect data in order to determine which of the two remaining designs will perform to the engineering requirements.


Combustion Chamber

Feed System

Ignition System

Power Distribution

Communication System


Input and Source

  1. Selected Concepts
  2. Feasibility Models
  3. System design and interface definitions

Bill of Material (BOM)

Live BOM

Test Plans

(General Test Plans at this point)

  1. Test standards (e.g., ASTM). The RIT library maintains an infoguide with links to standards databases, many of which provide industry-standard test procedures for a variety of components and systems.

Outputs and Destination

  1. Report that summarized the degree to which Eng Reqs are satisfied.
  2. Assessment of accuracy of feasibility models.
  3. IRB Submission, if applicable (allow at least 30 days for this to be reviewed - more time is idea, since the IRB outcome may be a request for you to modify your proposed test protocol)

Risk Assessment

Design Review Materials

Preliminary Detailed Design Review Power Point

Plans for next phase

The goal for the Detailed Design Review is to finalize a design. This includes a complete BOM with sourcing and a test plan done in conjunction with EHS and RIT Launch.

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