P19102: Hybrid Rocket Engine

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

During the Systems-Level Design phase, the team examined the design of P18102 and rethought the subsystems. The goal was to generate several different system strategies whose viability would be tested in the following phase.

The team was able to identify strategies for all subsystems:

  1. Power Distribution
  2. Communication System
  3. Injector
  4. Feed System
  5. Combustion Chamber
  6. Ignition System
Electric Arc
Controllable Butane Torch
Solid Starter Rocket

Functional Decomposition

 Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition


Inputs and Source

  1. PRP. (upload file)
  2. Project Objective.
  3. Prior MSD EDGE sites. (p18102)
  4. Customers: RIT Launch Initiative
  5. Literature search (all docs)
  6. Friends and associates.

Concept Development

Combustion Chamber

Feed System

Ignition System

Power Distribution

Communication System


Input and Source

  1. Function Decomposition.
  2. Results of Benchmarking.
  3. Analysis and prototyping.

Outputs and Destination

List of multiple viable concept options to provide each function.

Morphological Chart and Concept Selection

(Morph charts, selected concepts and why)

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