P19104: HABIP-BioX

Structure Build & Test Prep

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Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

This phase focused on working to develop a preliminary concept for the BioCell and develop a plan to integrate the cell into the structure.

After the final BioCell design is selected the structure design can be finalized. Once this design is finalized, material can be ordered and part drawings can be made.

As the design is changed and refined the Engineering Requirements,Constraints and budget need to be revisited to ensure all requirements are met.

Updated Structure Concept

After developing a new design for the BioCell, the cell was integrated into the general structure layout. By placing the cell in the structure, as opposed to suspended from the structure, the height is reduced by about 6 inches. Also the BioCell can be mounted to the top and bottom sheet of the structure to provide additional support. Finally, the thermal model for the BioCell and boards in simplified due to that fact that all components are located in the same enclosue.

Platform and BioCell Layout

Platform and BioCell Layout

Platform and BioCell Layout

Platform and BioCell Layout

Test Plan Summary

The following tests will occur when the BioCell location and design is finalized.

ER10: Component Operating Temperature

Platform and BioCell Layout

Platform and BioCell Layout

ER12: Structure Attitude Control

This test will occur when all components are placed on the platform and the preliminary reaction wheel software is confirmed. The test performed by Team P18104 will be used as a template.

ER13/15:Payload Weight/Factor of Safety

Platform and BioCell Layout

Platform and BioCell Layout

Risk and Problem Tracking

Meeting the 12 lb weight requirement continues to be the only problem related to the structure. The solar panel was about .5 lbs heavier than defined on the specification sheet. Potential solutions include removing the solar panel on the final design or using a smaller solar cell for test purposes and data collection.

A link to the Problem Tracking document can be found here:

Problem Tracking

An updated Risk Document can be found here:

Risk Document

Plans for next phase

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