P19105: Hybrid Engine Test Stand


Project Summary Project Information

Project Overview:

  • Our team is developing a test stand system to perform a static thrust test on a hybrid rocket motor generating up to 1300lbf of thrust.
    • We decided on an aluminum test stand, that has the structural integrity to withstand these forces.
    • Our test stand will interface with an engine developed by RIT Launch Initiative rocketry club
  • There are many benefits to the aluminum test stand.
    • Application of electronics and sensors becomes much more feasible.
    • It makes product costs extremely lower, while still providing safety and stability.
    • Less mechanical complexity with the ability to implement electrical sensors and controllers.
  • Major Project Goals
    • Completed design and build of a custom hybrid rocket engine test stand.
    • Successful engine test fire(s) by the end of April 2019.
    • Completion of detailed technical report documenting engine test stand designs.
  • Engine Test Stand Subsystem:
    • Analysis
    • Structures
    • Power
    • Controller
    • Feed System
  • Design Specifications:
    • Assumed total vehicle weight capacity for design of test stand: 140 lbs
    • Vehicle Max Diameter: 7.5 in
    • Designed to a maximum engine thrust of 1300lbf with a factor of safety (FOS) of 5

For more detailed background information, see the Project Readiness Package.

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Project Name
Hybrid Engine Test Stand
Project Number
Project Family
Aerospace Systems
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Art North, contact
Primary Customer
RIT Launch
Sponsor (financial support)
RIT Launch Initiative, contact

Team Members

From left to right: Mathew, Josiah, Stelios, Julian, Avinash

From left to right: Mathew, Josiah, Stelios, Julian, Avinash

Member Major Role Contact
Nevin Mathew Mechanical Engineering Lead Mechanical Engineer njm6575@rit.edu
Avinash Ananth Industrial and Systems Engineering Project Manager axa4979@rit.edu
Josiah Klossner Mechanical Engineering Design and Test Engineer jmk2739@rit.edu
Stelios Moisidis Electrical Engineering Electrical and Controls Engineer sam5816@rit.edu
Xavier Tarr Electrical Engineering Electrical and Controls Engineer xwt6090@rit.edu
Julian Caputo Mechanical Engineering Structural Integrity Engineer jdc6765@rit.edu

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