P19123: Lockheed Amelia Drone

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

All IP generated during the course of the project belong to the project’s sponsor, Lockheed Martin.
In the event that Lockheed Martin patents any of the IP generated during the course of this project, the team member’s names will be included as inventors on the patent.

Team Setup

Bryan Bausinger
Noah George
Zach Stewart
Jacob Kenin
John Cowan

Team Values and Norms

  1. On time to meetings
    • 1 - Missing multiple meetings without giving the team any notice
    • 3 - Arrives at meeting time and ready to discuss material
    • 5 - Ready to start meeting on time and provided information before
  2. Delivering on Deadlines
    • 1 - Missing multiple deadlines
    • 3 - Hitting deadlines or informing team with plenty of time of issues hitting deadline
    • 5 - Hitting all deadlines despite issues and keeping the team informed on progress
  3. Honesty
    • 1 - Lying about work and progress made
    • 3 - Letting the team know with ample time about issues and being transparent about work progress
    • 5 - Telling the team ASAP if there’s an issue and being honest about it
  4. Communication
    • 1 - Communicating a problem at the deadline
    • 3 - Telling the team about any problems when they occur
    • 5 - Forewarning the team about a potential problem that could occur before it even happens
  5. Quality
    • 1 - No deliverables or deliverables serve little purpose to the project
    • 3 - Presentation ready and covers all points in rubric
    • 5 - Having a commercial ready product that could be put on the shelf
  6. Accountability
    • 1 - Making excuses and never taking the blame for anything
    • 3 - Owning up to issues
    • 5 - Owning up to issues and being proactive about getting past them

Project Plans & Schedules

  1. Detailed schedule for Gantt chart
Gantt chart page 1

Gantt chart page 1

Gantt chart page 2

Gantt chart page 2

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

For the full Risk Assessment file

Risk Management

Risk Management

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions


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