P19151: Satellite Tracking System

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

During this phase phase, the plan is simply to test the components intended for use in the design to ensure that they will suit our needs. Completing this task will allow for a comfortable greenlighting of the current design plans and schematics.

Progress Report




Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations



Electrical Schematic

Bill of Material (BOM)


Test Plans




Risk Assessment

The gimbal will need to be prototyped before we can definitively conclude how we intend to handle coil cabling, rotation limit switches or weatherproofing.

We have found a way to perform thermal and environment testing on the assembly to determine its temperature and humidity tolerance. During this process and in choosing our components, we need to be well aware of the individual temperature ratings of our parts.

Design Review Materials

Design Review Preread

Plans for MSD II

At the beginning of next semester, the first priority will be to order the contents of the BOM and build a prototype of the assembly. From there, it can be tested and evaluated. For an in-depth explanation of the plans, see the presentation in the link above.

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