P19224: Biometric Driver Monitoring

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The goals of this phase were to finalize all test plans for the biometric vital monitoring system and to begin testing. We began testing to skin preparation options for EMG Electrodes and optimal electrode placement for EMGs of the driver's legs. Software coding and testing has also begun for the thermistors and the pulse oximeter.

Test Plan Summary

Example Test Plan for Engineering Requirement F1

Example Test Plan for Engineering Requirement F1

The full document can be viewed here: Test Plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

No new risks were introduced in this phase.
Current Risks

Current Risks

The full document can be viewed here: Risks

Design Review Materials

There are no materials required prior to this review.

Plans for next phase

In the next phase, we plan to create the subsystems before integration. On the electrical end, this requires wiring up all the boards and soldering connections. Software should be mostly complete unless there is outstanding work on the EMG sensors and CAN interface. The mechanical part of the project will include some testing of the breakaway connector as well as further development of the enclosure, though some of the enclosure design will be pushed to system integration since it depends heavily on the electrical subsystem.

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