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Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Summarize: We planned to integrate our walking and swimming systems onto the body and be able to switch between the two modes of transport by using the RC controller. We also planned to build our exhibit which consisted of a flat platform and a ramp that lead into a small pool filled with water.

We were able to accomplish all of these goals however several components broke the week before Imagine RIT which limited its final functionality.

Test Results Summary

Inputs & Source

Test Plan

In order to test the entire system we built a 6 foot long flat platform connected to a 2 foot long ramp that lead down into a pool filled with water. This would allow us to walk the robotter down the ramp and then slide it into the pool where it would be able to switch to swimming mode.
Robotter Test Setup

Robotter Test Setup

Results of system integration

We were able to attach the tail and legs onto the body of robotter and integrate both walking and swimming modes onto an RC controller that controls robotter. The electronics are housed inside a waterproof box that attaches to the spine via velcro straps. The wiring feeds out of the box to the servos through a waterproof connector that can be easily detached from the box for ease of access to the electronics. Finally, an aesthetic covering was made to hide the skeleton and electronics as well as to make it look like an otter.
Final Robotter

Final Robotter

Outputs & Destination

Test Results

We were able to achieve swimming in a straight line for several feet. However, two days before Imagine RIT the front tail servo broke and it was no longer able to swim. We were also able to walk in a straight line however after a few seconds of operation the legs would become out of sync and not allow for forward motion. We tried to fix this issue by using limit switches to give us position feedback but did not have time to implement them into our final code. We were also able to successfully switch from walking to swimming modes via the RC controller.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

The final paper describes the design process of the Robotter 2.0. The Poster for Imagine is also uploaded to edge.

Final Code is also all on edge. This code will run the Robotter 2.0. Along the way, the various systems and subsystems were tested and the Software

The CAD documents are up to date.

The BOM is up to date with all the components used and their prices. It can be found in the Final Documents Folder

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