P19231: Training Wheels


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Less the 18% of Americans today have the knowledge to operate a vehicle with an automatic transmission. This is due partly to a decline in the production of such vehicles but mostly due to the difficulty and inconvenience of learning. The choices are to either buy an expensive simulator that doesn't quite feel like driving or to learn using someone else's car. The latter isn't always an option because relatively few people own a standard vehicle and are willing to allow someone to learn on it.

This project is aimed to provide a method for people to achieve the safety of a simulator with the experience of physically driving. The system will read data directly from the vehicle and can train users on when to engage the clutch and shifter. It will then provide feedback on how well the user performed. The challenge of not grinding gears will no longer be a concern.

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Project Name
O-SHIFT (Operational Standard Human Interface for False Transmission)
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Faculty Guide
Louis J. Beato, ljbeec@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Steven Keil, smk9313@rit.edu
Special Thanks
Harris Foundation

Team Members

Team O-Shift (left to right: Kevin Ramirez, Steven Keil, Tyler Smith, Matt Wagner, Kevin Gates, John Jenco)

Team O-Shift (left to right: Kevin Ramirez, Steven Keil, Tyler Smith, Matt Wagner, Kevin Gates, John Jenco)

Member Discipline Role Contact
Steven Keil Mechanical Engineering Project Manager smk9313@rit.edu
John Jenco Computer Engineering Lead Engineer jcj6110@rit.edu
Kevin Gates Electrical Engineering Purchasing kxg2429@rit.edu
Kevin Ramirez P. Electrical Engineering Communicator kxr1182@g.rit.edu
Matt Wagner Electrical Engineering Configuration Manager mw6500@rit.edu
Tyler Smith Mechanical Engineer Facilitator txs8236@rit.edu

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