P19251: Local Positioning System

Build & Test Prep

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The team planned to establish all the tests for ensuring the first revision of both the prototype and the proof of concept were functioning as desired. most of our plans were succesfully created however we still have to establish how to test the ruggedization of our units.

Test Plans

Risk Management

Problem Tracking.

Plans for next phase

This project is split amongst 2 sub-teams. Team one is the electrical design and manufacture of the prototype, team two is the software portion of the project.

Team one will finish the electrical schematic followed by the board layout of this electrical. Boards will be ordered and one will be populated in time for the week 6 review. Team two is creating a proof of concept subsystem that will be able to demonstrate the validity of the sensors used as well as the math behind the creation of first the 2 dimensional and then 3 dimensional mapping. The proof of concept subsystem should also be completed in time for the week 6 review.

3 week plans

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