P19251: Local Positioning System

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

This phase was allocated for the individual parts of our team to come together. Mike and Dean planned to finish and test rev A/B of the electrical board. Mena planned to take his initial designs fo an enclosure and do preliminary tests on them as well as integrate it with the electrical board. Anmol's plan was to finish the mesh system and the GUI and integrate with Jai who was planning on finishing the code designed to interface with our sensors

The team came rather close to its goals. The electrical board required a new revision however and upon completion of that worked virtually as expected The enclosure was 3D printed and tested and will require another revision as well but the sizing is correct and it will fit around the board. The software team made major headway as far as integrating their parts together and can now begin testing

Test Plans Summary

Test plans


Battery Test Plan


Drop test plan

Submersion Plan


Accuracy test Plan

2D-3D test plan Plan

Latency Test Plan

Range Test Plan

test results

Accuracy test Plan

Risk and Problem Tracking

Range Test Plan

Risk Management problem tracking.

Integration Demo

Integration consisted of combining the Decawave distancing code and the ESP Mesh code. The program was then flashed onto two proto-boards and one PCB Rev C to complete a 3-node system. Range Test Plan

The general node protocol is all nodes broadcast the distances that they get from their on-board DWM to the master node. The master node is responsible for consolidating all the distances, calculating positions based on those distances, and sending those coordinates to a GUI. The GUI then displays the nodes in real time. Range Test Plan

Plans for next phase

The team goal relies on the final bug fixes and population of the Rev C boards. for the customer handoff we would like to demonstrate use of the OLED screens, IMU data and GPS data. The hand-off to the costumer should involve a fully functional system that could be used by someone who wasnt directly involved in the process of making it. This system should include documentation and user instructions.

3 week plans

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