P19251: Local Positioning System

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

There is no IP associated with this project. Most of the information gathered during this project may be used for other projects asweel as used by our customer Spectracom.

Team Setup

Our team has split up into several roles mimicking a traditional business:

 <b> Dean Yencer </b> </br>Project Manager

Dean Yencer
Project Manager

 <b> Anmol Modur </b> </br>Chief Engineer

Anmol Modur
Chief Engineer

 <b> Michael Shea </b> </br>Treasurer

Michael Shea

 <b> Jai Mehra </b> </br>Communications Secretary

Jai Mehra
Communications Secretary

 <b> Mena Ibrahim </b> </br>Facilitator

Mena Ibrahim

What Are We Good At?



Project Manager

Purchaser / Treasurer

Lead Engineer



Project Plans & Schedules


Ensure timely delivery of all required work products, identify prerequisite tasks with owners, ensure special resource needs are met.

Our Project Plan consists of separating into 3 phases. We have a research phase, design / prototype phase, and design validation phase. We expect to complete all phases by the end of the semester.

Research Because our team is not too knowledgeable in the field this project covers, we found that we will need to research existing technologies and understand the field before coming up and brainstorming design ideas. Doing the research beforehand also helped us make valid decisions on how to come up with our engineering requirements. By understanding what is required from us, we are able to make better decisions on what is required.

Design / Prototype Our design phases is yet to be started.

Design Validation Our validation phases is yet to be started.

Project Plan

Project Plan

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

LPS Risk Management

LPS Risk Management

Other Team Resources

Peer Reviews

Peer Review will be conducted internally by our chief facilitator.



George Slack - Faculty advisor - gbseee@rit.edu


Ryan Johnson - Product Manager, Orolia - ryan.johnson@orolia.com

'Brent Abbott - Engineer, Orolia - brent.abbott@orolia.com

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