P19280: Hot Wheelz

Planning & Execution

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Project Management

Intellectual Property Considerations

There are no intellectual property considerations for this project.

Team Setup

Team Roles

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Project Manager:

Lead Electrical Engineer:

Lead Mechanical Engineer:

Lead Integrator Engineer:



Team Member Skills Matrix

Team Member Skills Matrix

These are the skills each team member will bring to the project. The chart is split into electrical and mechanical sections that cover all aspects of the project. This will allow us to divide the work appropriately and know who to seek help from if needed.

Team Values and Norms

  1. Punctual & Present: Team member is on time to meetings or Nnotifies team members when they plan on being late, absent, or need to leave early. When in meeting, team member is active and engaged while discussions are happening.
  2. Thorough: When assigned a task the team member finishes it to completion, and seeks assistance when needed.
  3. Professional & Ethical: Team member is encouraging, positive, supportive, and respectful towards other team members, Customers, Guide, and the project itself. Makes sure all sources are cited as well as giving credit where credit is due.
  4. Committed: Each team member does there fair share of work towards the project end goal.
  5. Documentation: Each team member writes detailed notes on all procedures, research, and design choices. Makes sure all essential documentation posted on EDGE before Reviews.
Member Expectations Rubric

Member Expectations Rubric

These established expectations will allow the team to understand the required expectations to work as a functional team. It will be important to revisit these definitions when assessing each other or to make sure each member is accountable for their work.

Project Plans & Schedules

Full Project Outline

Full Project Outline

Next Phase Outline

Next Phase Outline

Working Version of the Project Plan

The project plan lays out the deliverables the teams need to complete, who is doing what tasks and when those tasks are due.

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risk Management Analysis

Risk Management Analysis

Link to working version of the Risk Management document

The risks were developed by considering our project plan, customer, and engineering requirements. The largest category for potential risks are technical risks, this is due to the fact that our project involves circuitry and electrical components that can cause extensive damage when used improperly.


MacKenzie Woodhouse will be handling all external communication for the team.

Team Documentation

All documentation and Meeting Notes are on team Google Drive. For access to the drive please contact Team communication Lead, MacKenzie Woodhouse.

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