P19318: Thermochemical Conversion of Food Waste

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

The goal of this phase was to complete any necessary tasks related to building, testing and documenting aspects of the project that would fulfill the original scope of the project.
  1. Finish soldering of remaining daughter boards
  2. Assemble the electrical components with the enclosure
  3. Implement brake lines (copper for hole 1, steel for remaining holes)
  4. Finish up user interface code for the DAQ system
  1. Get at least two weeks worth of test runs with usable data for Tom
  1. Finish assembly drawing packages for both system integration side and electrical side
  2. Finish technical paper
  3. Finish work instructions for system

The team was able to accomplish all the tasks listed above and are set to hand the project off to the customer.

Test Results Summary

The system integration and test documents may be found at Tests vs. Requirements and Test Results.

Risk and Problem Tracking

The most recent FMEA is located here. Risks here have been mitigated since the listing of them.

Problem Tracker

Problem Tracker

Above is the most recent problem tracker. All problems were resolved.

Final Project Documentation

Plans for Wrap-up

Deliverables from the last phase as well as plans for wrap up can be found below. Gate review was conducted before Customer hand off. No Pending requests from the customer, no further actions required from the team.





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