P19318: Thermochemical Conversion of Food Waste


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Our senior design project involves creating a data acquisition system and analyzing the temperature and oxygen profiles along the path of organic material inside the Biogenic Refinery from Biomass Controls. The Biogenic Refinery was initially designed to treat human waste in areas lacking centralized wastewater infrastructure and produces a hydrogen rich syngas and a solid biochar. The Golisano Institute for Sustainability is interested in analyzing the operation of the Biogenic Refinery using food waste as the organic material and what conditions will result in a high quality biochar product.

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Project Name
Thermochemical Conversion of Food Waste
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Faculty Guide
Sarah Brownell
Primary Customer
Tom Trabold

Team Members

From left to right: Shahzain Haq, Brandon Pak, Alex Corvino, Brent Sorensen, Liam Smith

From left to right: Shahzain Haq, Brandon Pak, Alex Corvino, Brent Sorensen, Liam Smith

Member Major Role Contact
Brandon Pak ISE Project Manager bxp8188@rit.edu
Alex Corvino ME Facilitator axc5401@rit.edu
Brent Sorensen ME Communications bms3440@rit.edu
Liam Smith EE/Math Lead Engineer lbs7319@rit.edu
Shahzain Haq EE Purchasing sah1515@rit.edu

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