P19318: Thermochemical Conversion of Food Waste

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Calibration Overview

A calibration script was written to adjust all channels so that they properly display the input voltage after adjustment. This calibration requires known input voltages (which were measured using a multimeter) at different steps and automatically computes a linear best fit to the data.

The final version of the code includes a configuration page that allows the user to select which probes are active as well as change system parameters.


After configuration the program enters into the data collection mode, where it samples data at the user specified rate and plots it. The plots of each data line may be turned off (the data is still saved though) for better visualization. Additionally, the data is saved in labelled columns. The first column is time while the others are the temperatures of different probes (with column labels specified in the configuration). The time is saved in seconds and temperature in Celsius.

Data Logging Specifics

The data logging takes the average of 100 (specified in config.json) samples to use as the voltage for the temperature conversion, which greatly reduced the noise in the system. This allows for accurate readings of approximately ±3°C or less (this characteristic has not been measured and this is just a guess based on lab testing).

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