P19330: Computer Chassis Cleaner

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase


For the Build & Test Prep phase, the team's overall goal was to finish up any outstanding design details from the end of our Detailed Design phase last semester, create a full model and begin ordering all necessary parts/materials. All test plans should be finalized and both mechanical and electrical BOMs should be complete. The risk assessment should continue to be updated and our team's schedule should be adjusted as necessary.

Teams Plan:

Tasks Accomplished:

Test Plan Summary

Mechanical Test Plans

Since we were finalizing our design and researching parts/materials we weren't quite ready to start testing yet. We finalized all test plans so we will be ready to test as soon as our parts come in/we start the build. We also acquired a cubical for our workspace.

Since the last review we added a heavy use test:

public/Zielenski/Heavy Use Test Plan.JPG

Electrical Test Plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

public/Build And Test Prep/Three Week Plans/New Risks.JPG

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

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